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Kofi Mensah is an engaging individual committed to serving many by using his knowledge and expertise to help others work through their goals.

With over 10 years worth of experience Kofi has successfully assisted numerous organisations to make lasting improvements to their performance.

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His commitment to lifelong learning is summed up in the belief that you can’t know everything, but together we can do almost anything.

Described by his peers as a ‘’creative leader’’ Kofi has written several publications on global affairs, politics and strategy. 

(Kofi with Baroness Hussein-Ece at the House of Lords in discussion about a range of initiatives to move towards greater equality and inclusion.)

Consulting Services, Management & Leadership

Consulting Services

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Creating value by refining and reinventing core practices

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Supporting businesses to grow, communities to flourish and people to succeed

Consulting Services


Government and Public Services; Healthcare; Retail and Consumer; Technology, Media & Telecommunications

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